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Naughty London Fashion Tips
London Fashion Tips | Naughty Travels

Naughty London Fashion Tips

I love traveling to London, as it's one of my favorite cities. I use to live here twice back in 2001 and 2006, so it's like a second home to me when visiting.

London is a very fashionable city...it's not like my home in Los Angeles where people don't mind wearing their workout clothes out in public to run errands.

People love to dress up here and show off their fashionable side. I'm just as guilty with wearing my workout clothes around town in LA, but not when visiting London.

I always check the weather before leaving on a trip...since it was showing 60s and 70s, I decided to go with jeans and long sleeve shirts that I could roll up if needed.

My style for London is a bit more chic mixed with a little sexiness to off my naughty side. So I made sure to pack my leather and lace bra from Agent Provocateur.

I love my black and white stripped shirt from Juicy Couture as it's very chic...to make it more sexy I paired it with my bra where I left it unbuttoned to show off my bra along with tying the shirt at the bottom to give it more of a casual look.

London Fashion Tips | Naughty Travels

The black high-waisted jeans are from Burberry...I bought these in London at Harrods almost 5 years ago and they are my favorite black jeans.

To add a hint of gold, and to go with the gold trim of my Prada purse...I added a black studded belt from Anne Fontaine. This belt is my absolute favorite and goes with anything. Makes any outfit look chic.

Normally I would wear sandals, but since I'm walking a lot in London all day, I need my feet to be comfortable. So I decided to wear my sneaker style shoes from Jimmy Choo...these are just amazing shoes. I also have another pair in white.

The purse I just bought in London at Prada store in Harrods...it just came out this year and is gorgeous in person. It's white leather with black embroidery on the bag with gold hardware.

I kept my jewelry simply by wearing my gorgeous H Stern necklace and earrings I bought when I was in Peru...they are stunning pieces!

To finish off my look...sunglasses always help to complete a look so I wore my favorite sunglasses by Dior. They are very chic and go perfectly with my look.

London Fashion Tips | Naughty Travels

London Fashion Tips | Naughty Travels

London Fashion Tips | Naughty Travels

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~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles - Naughty LA