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Seattle: Brothel Tour

Naughty Seattle:
The Underworld Tour of Seattle's Old Red-Light District

I visited Seattle in August and of course I just had to go on a naughty tour of the city to learn more about it's sinful side. This city has a lot to offer as far as sin, sex, brothels and debauchery!

If you're a naughty girl like me (or a naughty boy) then your first stop in Seattle should be a tour of its underworld. It's a historic adult-oriented guided tour of Seattle's underworld and its infamous old red-light district.

Plus your admission includes a free cocktail at their Underground Cafe which use to be a saloon in the 1890's and possibly a hangout spot for the girl's of the red-light district.

To learn more about The Underworld Tours of Seattle's Old Red-Light District then visit their website here.

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