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July - 2018
Spicy Ibizia
News Date: 01-Jul-2018
Spicy Ibizia | Naughty Travel Guide

Spicy Ibiza 2018

Oct 1st- 5th, 2018


Ibiza is the island of many faces.

From a water's-edge wellness break to a non-stop dance floor download, it's a dream destination.

A few places in the world offer such hedonistic pleasures like Ibiza..... the Mediterranean's undisputed party capital of exclusivity and international glamour.

For this 5th Edition of Spicy Ibiza, we return to the ME Ibiza, the 5-star beachfront resort which will be at the heart of this incredible complete take-over, making it the perfect location for blending sophistication with indulgence.

Ibiza has a hedonistic heritage stretching back more than 30 years; It’s the final dance Mecca of Europe.

It attracts the highest amount of young people.

The Ibiza Clubs are, of course, the prime attraction. It's just a pure party place.

Scantily-clad beach festivities followed by clothes-drenching (yet curiously appealing) foam parties as the world’s best DJs take center stage right in front of you.

Its infamous reputation dates back to the 1960’s when Hippies made it their own Mecca of easy-living pleasures.

It has now transformed into the world’s premier party venue.

Nowhere else on the planet comes close to matching Ibiza’s great variety of clubs.

Space, Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege, Esparadis and Eden are among the names of Ibiza’s clubbing scene.

Top clubs with cosmopolitan mix of clubbers, the wealthy and famous, the young and trendy.

Ibiza also has many parties, and every party at Ibiza is always a good one!

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