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Naughty Guide to Bangkok
Naughty Guide to Bangkok, Thailand | Naughty Travels
Naughty Travel Guide to Bangkok, Thailand | Naughty Travels

Naughty Guide to Bangkok

Ah, Bangkok. Internationally known as an adult playground, the experience does not disappoint.

While technically prostitution is illegal, in practice it is tolerated and even regulated to some extent.

As is often the case with sex laws, their's seem a bit contradictory.

For example, they allow sex shows and brothels but buying a vibrator is illegal here so you won't find any adult sex toy stores, only online. Make sure to bring your own!

Pack For Your Naughty Trip to Bangkok

Travel Bag for all your sex toys

Bags for your dildos and vibrators

Travel-size sex toys

Discreet carry-on sex toys

Naughty By Day:

Pole Dancing/Striptease classes

Rumpuree is a world dance studio offering a wide variety of classes in a multitude of dance styles.

Of course, I recommend their Striptease classes. I love what they have to say about Striptease and their reasons for teaching it: "...Striptease gives you freedom, self-expression, self-confidence, joy and relaxation.

It empowers you as a woman so you will be comfortable to express sensuality and feel sexy about your own body."

Although they have 2 locations, they are only offering Striptease at their Amarin Plaza studio for now.

Brazilian Wax

Reveal Wax Salon. This salon takes waxing, hygiene, and aftercare very seriously. Their menu of services, for both women and men, is very extensive.

They are located in Sukhumvit district, right in the heart of naughtiness!

Naughty Shopping

The Night Market (in the Patpong District) you may not be interested in seeing the brothels or sex shows (and that's completely fine as they are not for everyone) but you can still do some naughty shopping in the market.

When I was there I bought some beautiful erotic art pieces that I now display in my house; a penis, a woman on all fours naked and an ashtray with a woman sitting in it with her legs spread.

They are very inexpensive and you can always bargain. They look great in any home!

Naughty Travel Guide to Bangkok, Thailand | Naughty Travels

Naughty By Night:

Sex shows/brothels

There are 3 different red light districts in Bangkok. The original, and the one I found most interesting, was the Patpong District (the other 2 are in the Sukhumvit District, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza). My favorite place to visit here is Super Pussy.

These girls definitely have super pussies as they put markers in their vaginas to draw (which you can buy from them as a souvenir), they shoot ping pongs out of their vaginas and you can hit the balls (which I did and was the highlight of my trip) and so much more.

And this place has a brothel in the back. Don't expect much as the brothel room is extremely hot and worse than a cheap motel room but worth the experience if you're up to it.

There are tons of other shows in the area and some of them are just shows.

If they offer for you to participate know that they will come and ask for a tip from you.

Also, girls will attack you if they think you have money or start to flash it in some places so be very careful.

I had my friend get money back from the bartender and one girl tried to grab it saying it was for her.

He told her no and tried to pull it back but she just kept pulling and it and almost got the money until and grabbed her hand and twisted it to make her let go.

And don't accept any massages unless you expect to pay for them. If girls notice you buying stuff, then tons more will try to get money from you so put your foot down immediately or you will be taken advantage of.

Just use common sense and keep your stuff near close by.

Links to learn more about the Red Light Districts in Bangkok as well as get suggested itineraries:



Sexy Hotels

The following are all luxury hotels that are conveniently located in the Sukhumvit District so they are very close to both Soi Cowboy and Nana Entertainment Plaza.

They are also tolerant of you bringing guests, aka sex workers, back to your room!


Naughty Travel Guide to Bangkok, Thailand | Naughty Travels

JW Marriott

Naughty Travel Guide to Bangkok, Thailand | Naughty Travels

Grand Millennium Sukhumvit Hotel

Naughty Travel Guide to Bangkok, Thailand | Naughty Travels


Sexy Restaurants

Sala Rim Naam

Naughty Travel Guide to Bangkok, Thailand | Naughty Travels

Vertigo and Moon Bar

Naughty Travel Guide to Bangkok, Thailand | Naughty Travels

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