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Naughty Madrid | Naughty Travels

International Sexcapades #1

True Story Told By: Sienna Sinclaire

I always have a good time in Spain.

The food is wonderful, the scenery is beautiful, and the men and women are exotic.

I go there often and have had many fun, naughty adventures there.

Madrid is an amazing city.

It’s almost forgotten behind Paris, London, Berlin, and Vienna, which is a shame.

Madrid is full of great museums, culture, restaurants, and some of the sexiest people I’ve ever met.

My friend, Walter, and I were in Madrid one summer.

Summer in Madrid is like a slice of heaven.

You should put it on your bucket list if you haven’t already done it.

Walter and I had been there a few days, spending a lot of time at the pool, checking out neat little shops, eating like a king and queen, and fucking like bunnies.

Naughty Madrid | Naughty Travels

One night we were in the mood for a wild time.

We hadn’t been to a strip club in a while, and, believe it or not, we hadn’t been to one in Madrid yet.

We asked our driver (a good-looking guy in his own right) if he could recommend one.

He smiled and said he knew of a great place.

It wasn't your typical strip club.

It wasn’t covered in neon and advertising drink specials and the all-you-can-eat buffet from 6-9.

It was a nice-looking building, but you didn’t think much of it.

If you were in a hurry, you might pass it on the street and not realize what was going on inside it.

Once we got inside we noticed there were plenty of girls, but no one was stripping.

There was music and lots of pretty, sexy people, but there were no stripper poles, no mini-stages, and no DJ yelling “Let’s hear it for Cinnamon!” over a loudspeaker (which isn’t necessarily a bad omission).

It was a bar.

There were several tables and girls were everywhere mingling with guys.

I began to think our driver was confused on the concept of strip clubs, even though he spoke English just fine.

Walter and I headed to the bar for drinks and to observe everyone.

We figured we might as well have some cocktails and learn what our driver loved so much about this place.

I thought there might’ve been VIP rooms somewhere and the dancing took place in them.

A few girls came up to us, and they were all cute, but I'm picky.

Walter headed off to find his own girls and I kept my eye out for the one.

You know the one I mean.

The one who has something different about her.

The one who has the right curves, the right smile, and the right vibe (and, I suppose, the right vibrator depending on how the night goes).

The one who creates that spark within moments of you sitting next to her on a train or standing next to you in line at the coffee shop.

The one who, even if you didn’t swing both ways like me, would really make you consider it.

That one.

I didn’t find her right away.

There were plenty of hotties, and some of them chatted me up and gave me the signs, but none of them really floated my boat.

Walter hadn’t come back yet, so I headed back to the front desk to get a better understanding of this place and all they have to offer.

I spoke with a nice-looking guy in a nicer suit.

I don’t speak a lick of Spanish (European or Latin American), but he and I both spoke French and he had enough broken English to get by.

“So what kind of place is this?” I asked.

“It is a place to meet pretty girls.” He gave me a puzzled, but sly, look and then. “Are you looking for a pretty girl?”

“Yes, I am.”

He didn’t bat an eye at my answer.

I’m sure I wasn’t the first lady in there who wanted a girl-girl fling.

“You can hire whichever you choose,” he said as he gestured toward all the lovely ladies walking around.

So, as you’ve probably guessed by now, this place was pretty much a brothel.

I had no idea if Walter had learned this by now, but I knew he’d be happy once he learned it.

I asked about the protocol.

Brothels have serious rules and you must always abide by them.

“We have many different rooms for your entertainment,” the man in the nice suit said.

“You can rent the rooms by the hour or for the night.

Once you find a girl you like, you can take her…” He grinned at me. “…or them to any one of the rooms we have to offer.”

He slid a book across the desk.

It looked like a nice photo scrapbook.

I expected to find photos of the girls in it, but it was all photos and descriptions of the rooms they had.

There were basic rooms that had a bed, bathroom, and TV.

Others had a hot tub or a mirrored ceiling or a big round bed.

I flipped through a book to find the best one.

I was in the mood to be decadent, and Walter's very rich, so I picked their best room.

The man in the nice suit nodded, probably because he knew it would be a nice amount of money for them.

Naughty Madrid | Naughty Travels

I turned to look for Walter, but I saw her instead.

The one.

She stood alone near the bar, weight on her right hip, and rubbing the rim of a cocktail glass.

She wore this amazing leopard print dress that barely covered her pussy and showed off so much of her big tits that it looked like they’d pop out if she sneezed.

She was all natural, with gorgeous black hair and skin the color of caramel.

She was watching the crowd until she saw me.

She saw me staring.

She saw my eyebrows had jumped up and hadn’t dropped down yet.

She saw me bite my lip.

She walked over on her matching leopard print stripper heels and I was frozen to the spot.

She could’ve been a real leopard coming to chew me apart and I wouldn’t have moved an inch.

She handed her cocktail glass, still half-full, to a passing waiter and then held out her hand to me.

“Isabella,” she said. “Would you like to have fun?”

I nodded. I could barely talk.

“I…I have a room.”

“Are you alone?”

“No, my friend is with me.”

“That’s okay.” She hadn’t let go of my hand.

“But will we have time alone?”


Walter appeared out of nowhere.

He could’ve been standing there for an hour and I wouldn’t have noticed.

Naughty Madrid | Naughty Travels

He had three girls with him.

They were all hotties with nice tans.

They were already groping him and giggling in excitement about whatever he had planned.

“I guess we need to rent a room,” Walter said.

“I’ve already reserved one,” I said.

Walter handed the clerk his credit card and the clerk handed me the key and wished us a good evening.

The room was bigger than the photos made it out to be.

It had a Jacuzzi, a 60-inch TV, a sauna, two bedrooms, a fully stocked bar, and a kitchen.

The bedrooms had no doors, just curtains.

It was as nice as many hotel suites I’ve been in around the world.

One of the girls put on some nice lounge music and Isabella and the others got us drinks.

Walter picked up the phone and ordered champagne.

I was glad he did.

Not because I was thirsty for champagne, but because of the waiter who brought it.

He was hot.

Mega hot.

He had that classic Spanish look – chiseled face, dark skin, well-groomed hair, and these chocolate eyes that almost made me fall off my chair.

“Can you stay?”

I asked as he poured our champagne.

“Yes,” he said.

“After I finish work, I can come back.”

I tickled the back of his hand as he handed me my glass. “Do.”

Naughty Madrid | Naughty Travels

We all got naked and into the hot tub for a while.

Yes, it was big enough for five.

I think we could’ve fit eight in there.

Walter, of course, was in heaven.

He was naked and surrounded by beautiful, naked, sweating women.

I was enjoying the scenery and the bubbles and the heat, but I was mostly enjoying Isabella’s hand rubbing my neck and playing with my hair.

She wasn’t paying any attention to Walter, but he didn’t mind.

He had three girls chatting him up about life in America, his job, and what he thought of Madrid.

One of the girls was kissing another’s neck and saying naughty Spanish things.

The third was rubbing Walter under the water.

I was surprised by his patience, but he managed to last until the champagne was gone before he suggested they take the party elsewhere.

They slipped out of the hot tub and headed for one of the bedrooms, his hard cock pointing the way.

Isabella moved in one swift motion and straddled my lap.

Her beautiful tits were in my face and I couldn’t resist pouring my last bit of champagne on them and licking it from her.

“We can have fun now?” She asked me.

I was content to have fun right there with her rubbing that hot pussy on my thigh and my fingers playing with her ass while I sucked her tits, but she wanted to get sweaty in the other bedroom.

“We sure can,” I said.

She gave me a long kiss.

Her mouth felt as hot as the Jacuzzi and the power of it almost made me drunk.

She pulled me from the hot tub and almost dragged me toward the bedroom.

I was a willing travel companion, but I got more and more excited by her urgency to fuck me.

We passed the first bedroom.

I heard fun sounds inside.

I tugged on Isabella’s arm.

She stopped and I put my finger to my lips to ask for quiet.

I nodded toward the curtain.

She smiled.

We peeked inside.

Walter was on his back on the big bed.

One of the girls, the one with the short hair and perky boobs, was jacking him into another girl’s mouth.

The third girl was kissing him and rubbing his chest.

He was caressing her back and fingering the girl who was pumping his cock in the second girl’s mouth.

The second girl couldn’t take all the teasing, so she climbed up his body and rubbed her pussy on his cock.

She wouldn’t let him in just yet.

She wanted to tease him for a little while.

The other two girls kissed him and each other.

They teased his mouth with their tits and he played with their pussies.

At least, he did until that girl slid his cock into her pussy.

I heard him groan and saw his body tense for a moment.

The girl with the perky tits sat back against the headboard and watched her friend fuck him.

She must’ve been a voyeur because she loved the show.

She clutched at her tits and pussy and was talking to her in quiet Spanish that belied how fucking horny she was.

The other girl kept kissing Walter and rocking her pussy on his hand.

Isabella was tugging at my hips and kissing the back of my neck by this point.

I couldn’t wait any longer either.

Luckily for us, the other bedroom was just a few feet away.

We fell onto the bed and locked arms, legs, and tongues.

For a little while all we did was kiss.

She wanted to get to know me and my body, and I really wanted to get to know those nice tits.

They felt great in my hands and even better in my mouth.

She lied back on the bed and let me do whatever I wanted.

She rubbed her tits while I rubbed her pussy.

I wasn’t in a hurry.

I curled up next to her and told her how good her pussy felt, how wet it was, and how it must’ve tasted good, too.

I put my fingers in her mouth so she could tell me how good it was.

She smiled around my fingers and held my hand so she could fuck her mouth with my fingers.

She couldn’t take anymore.

Naughty Madrid | Naughty Travels

She rolled me over and was saying all sorts of naughty Spanish things to me, but with a smile on her face.

I wrapped one arm around her neck and used my other hand to play with her breast while we kissed.

Her tongue flicked on mine and her hot pussy rubbed on my belly.

She slid down my body, her nipples tickling my skin, and started fingering me.

She rubbed a few little circles to get me warmed up, but she didn’t need to bother.

I was so fucking horny and wet for her that I was ready for anything.

She slipped two fingers into me.

My body arched and she started fucking me with one hand while her other rubbed my clit.

The more I groaned, the more she worked me.

She figured out that her thumb on my clit, while nice, wasn’t enough for her.

The first lick from her tongue made me jump.

The second and third set my breath into a fast pace.

I lost count after that.

Her pink tongue made me even wetter than before (although I’m not sure how that was possible) and her fingers kept fucking me.

I held onto the top of the bed and was lost in the delight of her mouth and fingers working me.

My other hand kept floating back and forth from my tits to her hair, almost pushing her away at one point.

She pulled out her fingers and grabbed me by the thighs so she could make sure her mouth and my pussy go to know each other very well.

My eyes were a little fuzzy from the great sensations her mouth was giving me.

I was groaning louder and louder until someone shut me up.

It was Champagne Boy.

He’d come into the bedroom.

I don’t know how long he’d been there.

He could’ve been watching Isabella eating my pussy the whole time.

He’d come in buck naked and stuffed my mouth with his nice cock.

Isabella must’ve loved the sight of me blowing him because her mouth went crazy on me.

He stroked my hair and face and I tickled his balls and tried to divide my attention between loving his cock and Isabella’s tongue.

She sat up and watched me blow him.

Her face was wet with me and she played with her pussy while I worked his cock.

It was another exercise in dividing my attention.

I jacked and twisted him into my mouth, but I could still see Isabella playing with her pretty pussy – a pretty pussy I hadn’t tasted yet.

But as much as I wanted to get my tongue inside her, right then I wanted to see Champagne Boy’s big cock fucking her.

I sat up and nudged him toward her.

She grinned and lied back on the bed.

He didn’t need much encouragement.

She spread her legs in a perfect V and I cuddled next to her hip and kissed her belly while Champagne Boy slid his cock inside her.

He got right down to business and fucked her fast.

I moved back and forth between rubbing her clit and tickling his balls.

Isabella pulled at my shoulders and soon I was riding her face while Champagne Boy fucked her even faster.

She kept licking me while he kept her legs spread and looked ready to come at any moment.

I was coming on her face by then and I could see Champagne Boy was getting closer, and he hadn’t fucked me yet.

I cleared my head, somehow pulled myself away from Isabella’s great tongue, and pushed him out of her.

I wrapped my mouth around him, finally tasting that great pussy on his nice cock.

Isabella appeared next to me like magic and helped me with him.

I bobbed my head on him while she licked his balls.

She almost fought me for a mouthful of him, so I jacked him into her pretty mouth for a little while before I’d had enough.

I pushed him onto his back and climbed onto him, facing his feet.

I braced my hands back on his chest and she mounted his face so she could bite my neck and grab my bouncing tits.

He held my hips and fucked me as fast as he’d done with her.

I leaned back into Isabella, kissing her, letting her play with my clit, and telling them both to not stop fucking me.

My head was spinning.

I told Isabella that I wanted her pussy on my mouth.

She lied next to us and I jumped on her so quick that Champagne Boy barely had time to know I was gone.

Isabella and I sixty-nined while he watched.

Her pussy was even tastier than I’d imagined it would be.

She was so sweet and she never seemed to tire of licking my pussy.

I told Champagne Boy to keep fucking me.

He spun up around my ass and fucked me doggy style.

Isabella kept her tongue on my clit.

I kept my face buried in her and was trying to eat her out and yell “Fuck me!” at the same time.

I came hard on them both.

I was slapping back onto him and biting her thigh as I screamed.

He shot his load into Isabella’s mouth as I slid off her and nearly off the bed.

I managed to scramble back up in time to kiss her before all his come was gone.

One of the girls who’d been with Walter came into the room while we were cuddling and laughing to ask if we wanted more time.

We weren’t going to say no.

We stayed for another hour and I finally got Isabella to come on my face.

It was worth the extra hour.

Trust me.

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