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Paris: Erotic Restaurants

Your Naughty Travel Guide To Paris
Erotic Restaurants

There are tons of delectable restaurants in Paris, but if you're like me (a naughty traveler) you want something that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also teases you visually. Leave it to Parisians to combine the art of strip tease and eating, and turn it into a spectacle by arousing all your senses.

If you're looking for an erotic dinner in Paris then visit the following restaurants below. Most of them offer dinner and a strip tease show, and others offer table dances or naughty rooms for swingers to play.

Les Chandelles
1 Rue Th'r'se 75001 Paris
Metro: Pyramides
01 42 60 43 31


Visit here for a sexy dinner, a scandalous lunch, naughty dancing or a night of sensual delights. There's no show, as you and the guests are the show! It's a restaurant for couples who like to swing or be a voyeur.

Moulin Rouge
82 Boulevard de Clichy 75018 Paris
Metro: Blanche
01 53 41 88 89


This famous caberat is home to the original cancan. One of the most popular erotic dinner shows, make sure to book tickets in advance especially during the summer months. Dinner and show start at 7pm for those who would like to eat while watching sexy girls. Or show only starts at 9pm and 11pm which includes a half bottle of champagne. Oh la la!

116 Bis Champs-Elys'es 75008 Paris
Metro: George V
01 40 76 56 10


It's a cabaret and burlesque show with song and dance featuring 70 artists, 23 sets and of course gorgeous women. It's said to rival shows of Las Vegas, so come and find out for yourself. Dinner and show start at 7pm or show only with half bottle of champagne start at 9:30pm and 11:30pm.

Secret Square
27 Avenue des Ternes 75017 Paris
Metro: Ternes
01 47 66 45 00


The only aphrodisiac restaurant and cabaret, combined, in all of Paris! Your taste buds and sight will both be sensually pleased as you feast on both your dinner and the sexy dancers. The show features 25 dancers who will show you the 'Art of Strip Tease' the Parisian way. The club opens up at 8:30pm for dinner and stays open for your pleasure until 4am. You can come for dinner or just drinks.

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