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January - 2017
London Burlesque Festival 2017
News Date: 24-Jan-2017
London Burlesque Festival 2017 | Naughty Travel Guide

London Burlesque Festival 2017

Founded by the internationally acclaimed producer and burlesque pioneer, Chaz Royal, London Burlesque Festival acts as a centre stage for the world's finest performers, raising the global profile of burlesque and quickly establishing itself as the most prestigious event in the international burlesque calendar.

​ With a packed schedule of high profile events, celebrity following and a loyal and rapidly expanding fan base, Chaz Royal's London Burlesque Festival showcases the most eclectic and diverse acts in burlesque - pushing the boundaries of the art of the strip and the tease to the max and delivering the electric atmosphere of an unbeatable night out. ​

"The London audience is a mix of regular cabaret enthusiasts and curious newcomers, who appreciate the finest in burlesque performers as well as sheer glamour and tastefully risqué entertainment. We help develop the most talented new and established performers, right through from the avant garde to erotic, sexy circus artists, exposing them to an international stage and the acclaim of diverse audiences. It's the biggest and best burlesque event in terms of performers and spectators ever to be brought to England's great capital city. London Burlesque Festival is full of colour, panache and excitement and is simply the greatest showcase of international burlesque talent on Earth."

The burlesque revival (beginning in the early 1990's) has swept through the UK, central Europe and North America, breaking out of trend-setting circles and influencing mainstream culture through fashion, music and entertainment.

Bursting onto the front covers of magazines and propelling names such as Dita Von Teese and Chaz Royal onto the international celebrity scene, burlesque has made a glamorous and lasting impression on the cultural landscape.

Bringing glitter, glamour and tease - this hugely popular and exciting art of the strip and the tease has reignited the demand for alternative entertainment and burgeoned into a global industry. ​


MAY 18-28 | Various Venues, London, VIP 11 DAY TICKET $209.00



MAY 18-28 | Various Venues, London, GENERAL ADMISSION 11 DAY TICKET $159.00



MAY 18-28 | Various Venues, London, 50% off various Burlesque acts Ticket using code ROYAL



May - 2016
May is Masturbation Month
News Date: 05-May-2016
May is masturbation month | Naughty Travel Guide

May is masturbation month

May is masturbation month. A whole month dedicated to the celebration of self-love. To celebrate Vision Films and the makers of the worlds first documentary on masturbation 'Sticky: A (Self) Love Story,' have teamed up with Doc Johnson and sexy venues across the country to throw fantastic not-for-profit screening events with Q&A's, surprises, special guests, and gift bags that include free sex toys worth over $25.

'Sticky: A (Self) Love Story' is a film that asks why is masturbation such a sticky subject? Stylish, insightful, fun, and educational, it features compelling interviews with over 60 celebrities, sexologists, educators, authors, law makers, religious figures and entertainers covering the topic from a range of perspectives, including Hustler Magazine Founder Larry Flynt, Black Flag's Keith Morris, actress Janeane Garofalo, adult film star Nina Hartley, and former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders, who was forced by Bill Clinton to resign after she suggested at an AIDS conference that we teach masturbation in school, as a healthy alternative to safe sex.

From the history of the vibrator, to the shocking reality that harmless sex toys are banned in Alabama, 'Sticky: A (Self) Love Story' will teach you everything you didn't know about masturbation in one stimulating documentary. It's a candid portrayal of an activity that is rarely discussed, exploring it from a historical, medical, legal, moral and psychological perspective. Writer/Director Nicholas Tana aims to crush social embarrassment in his quest to understand why masturbation is something that most people do, but few like to admit.


MAY 21 | Syndicated Bar, Theater, Kitchen - Brooklyn, NY, 7.30pm ($5 Entry Fee)

SPECIAL GUESTS: Nicholas Tana (Writer/Producer/Director) and Denise Acosta (Co-Producer) in attendance for the Q&A.



MAY 24 | Museum of Sex (MoSex) - Manhattan, NY, 7.00pm (FREE Entry)

SPECIAL GUESTS: Nicholas Tana (Writer/Producer/Director), Denise Acosta (Co-Producer) Betty Dodson (Grandmother of Masturbation), Martha Cornog (Author Big Book on Masturbation in attendance with Lise Vandever (Co-Founder & Director Cinekink) hosting the Q&A. FREE TOYS & PRIZES.



MAY 25 | Erotic Heritage Museum - Las Vegas, NV, 8.00pm ($15 Entry Fee)

SPECIAL GUESTS: Nicholas Tana (Writer/Producer/Director), and Denise Acosta (Co-Producer) with Nina Hartley, Ginger Lynn, and Lynn Comella. FREE TOYS & PRIZES.



MAY 27 | Center For Sex & Culture - San Francisco, CA, 8.00pm. ($12 Entry Fee)

SPECIAL GUESTS: Nicholas Tana (Writer/Producer/Director), Denise Acosta (Co-Producer), Dr. Carol Queen, Dr. Robert Lawrence, Joani Blank, and M.C. Ecker. FREE TOYS & PRIZES.




JUNE 30 | TLC Chinese Theater - Los Angeles, CA, 9.00pm ($15 Entry Fee)

SPECIAL GUESTS: Nicholas Tana (Writer/Producer/Director), Denise Acosta (Co-Producer), Nina Hartley, Chris Gore, and Joe Matt. FREE TOYS & PRIZES.


April - 2016
Naked Restaurant Comes to London
News Date: 26-Apr-2016
Naked Restaurant Comes to London | Naughty Travel Guide

Naked Restaurant Comes to London

By: Fox News

Fine dining pop-ups are often meant to be eye-opening culinary adventures.

But a new London restaurant is upping the ante with a dining concept that really gives your eyes something to feast on, since diners are invited to eat in the nude.

The Bunyadi is a clothing-optional, pop-up restaurant slated to open in London this June. The bare-bones concept is the branchild of Seb Lyall, a restaurateur behind last year's "Breaking Bad" bar.

Lyall says his concept isn't just about dining naked but the back-to-basics theme is carried out through the entire experience. The menu is devoid of artificial colors and chemicals. There are no electric lights or smartphones permitted in the candelit dining area which features natural-looking wooden furniture.

Traditionalists may balk at Lyall's idea but since the Pangea-themed restaurant announced its opening, over 25,000 people have signed up for the eatery's waitlist.

Lyall says his social experiment-meets-eatery will challenge participants assumptions about nudity and what modern society deems "natural." Eating without clothes is now an act of rebellion in the modern world-- even though humans get naked all the time.

"When you get a chance, you take your clothes off," he told The Washington Post. "When you get in bed, you take your clothes off. When you go to the beach or a sauna, you take your clothes off. It's natural."

Upon arrival, patrons will be directed to disrobe in a changing room where clothing and other trappings of modernity can be stored in a locker. To avoid contaminating chairs, diners are seated on robes.

In the restaurant itself, diners will feast on "wood-flame-grilled meats served on handmade clay crockery and edible cutlery, in a space void of the industrialized world's modern trappings." Plastic and metals are banned from the kitchen as well as the dining room as all cutlery will be edible. There will also be vegan options.

To avoid food sanitation issues backstage, kitchen staff are permitted to cover up while they prepare food. Waiters, however, will have "minimal covering."

Bunyadi which the restaurant says comes from a Hindi term meaning 'fundamental', 'base' or 'natural' may celebrate nakedness but its creator has built in elements of modesty for diners on the shy side.

Every table that you sit at is designed so that the sight is obstructed between other dining parties, Lyall said. The restaurant is partitioned or there's bamboo or you only see someone's back or a silhouette or their shadows from candles.

And photography is strictly prohibited.

Dining at The Bunyundi starts at $80 for a five-course meal.

March - 2016
Rock is Cock Class
News Date: 16-Mar-2016
Rock is Cock Class | Sex Education | Naughty Guide
Rock is Cock Class Los Angeles | Naughty Guide

Sienna Teaches Rock His Cock Class

Join My Naughty LA Group Here

Sienna Sinclaire is a dating and sex coach here in Los Angeles with over 6 years of training and tons of "hands-on" education. She teaches monthly sex classes in LA.

This month she taught tips and techniques for hand and blow jobs, and much, much more! Students were given silicon dildos to practice their techniques on along with how to put a condom on with your mouth.

The class lasted two hours and was held at Mistress Justine Cross's Dungeon West in Culver City. Guests were able to bring their own drinks to make them feel more comfortable if they needed too. Afterwards everyone received a free sample of Sienna's favorite lube Pjur to take home with them to practice as practice makes perfect!

Steak and Blow Job Day Los Angeles
News Date: 14-Mar-2016
Steak and Blow Job Day | Los Angeles | Naughty Guide
Steak and Blow Job Day Los Angeles | Naughty Guide

Steak and Blow Job Day

Join My Naughty LA Group Here

For those of you who don't know yet, March 14th (one month exactly after Valentine's Day), is Steak and Blow Job for men. It's to show them your appreciation for everything they did for you on Valentine's Day.

So Sienna decided to celebrate in style with her Naughty LA meetup group by hosting an event at Plan B, a strip club in Santa Monica, where they serve steak and offer lovely girls dancing for the guests.

About 20 guests showed up for the holiday, including couples. All the guys were given pink roses and the blow jobs were left up to their dates. But everyone enjoyed dinner, drinks and mingling while watching the girls on stage dance.

Toga Mixer at Viceroy Hotel Los Angeles
News Date: 11-Mar-2016
Toga Mixer at Viceroy Hotel Los Angeles | Singles Event | Naughty Guide
Toga Mixer at Viceroy Hotel Los Angeles | Naughty Guide

Toga Mixer at Viceroy Hotel Los Angeles

Join My Naughty LA Group Here

Sienna Sinclaire hosted a Toga Mixer at Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica. Her mixers are perfect for those new to her group Naughty LA looking to learn more about the group without being naughty right away along with meeting members.

Each mixer is a different time she hosted an All-White event, 50 Shades of Grey party, Naughty Christmas and much more. Since March is Ides of March she decided to have a Toga party and tons of people showed up in togas and Roman attire.

If you're interested in attending one of her mixers then click the link above in red to join her group and learn more.

Toga Mixer at Viceroy Hotel Los Angeles | Naughty Guide
Toga Mixer at Viceroy Hotel Los Angeles | Naughty Guide
Toga Mixer at Viceroy Hotel Los Angeles | Naughty Guide

Sienna Performs Burlesque at Laugh Factory in LA
News Date: 07-Mar-2016
Sienna Sinclaire Burlesque Laugh Factory | Burlesque and Comedy | Naughty Guide
Sienna Sinclaire Burlesque at Laugh Factory Los Angeles | Naughty Guide

Sienna Performs Burlesque at the Laugh Factory

Join My Naughty LA Group Here

Sienna Sinclaire has been a burlesque performer here in LA for over 6 years now. She has performed all over LA along with other cities around the world.

This is Sienna's fourth performance at the Laugh Factory where Camille Solari runs a FREE weekly comedy show. She has famous comedians that perform throughout the night along with burlesque from various performers each month.

Make sure to stay tuned for the next time Sienna performs around LA as she only does show once a month due to her busy naughty schedule of throwing parties and traveling.

February - 2016
Naughty Hollywood Bus Tour
News Date: 19-Feb-2016
Naughty Hollywood Bus Tour | History Brothels & Sex | Naughty Guide
Naughty Hollywood Bus Tour in Los Angeles | Naughty Guide

Naughty Hollywood Bus Tour

Join My Naughty LA Group Here

There's nowhere more glamorous on the planet than Hollywood, Los Angeles. The beating heart of the world's movie industry, this is where dreamers come to make it big, and where sex really is king.

West Hollywood, in particular, has it all, from strip clubs and sexy bars, to sex toy stores and swingers parties. So if you really want to get to know naughty LA, this is the place to do it.

Sexpert Sienna Sinclaire has documented LA's full sex history in her book 'Naughty Girl's Guide To Los Angeles,' in which she talks about the brothels of the 1920s, the birth of porno chic, and how the movie and sex industries are inevitably intertwined.

Now, Sienna has turned turned her book into a series of interactive bus tours. This particular tour focuses on the naughty side of West Hollywood, where you'll get to visit some of the sexiest, most exclusive nightspots, and learn about what makes WeHo so naughty at the same time.

Guests will meet at one of WeHo's sultriest bars so you can get in the mood for the night ahead. Then you'll all jump aboard the sexy white tour bus and head over to a luxury sex toy store where you can explore the aisles and treat yourself to some new toys at a special discount. If you're not sure what to buy, there will be some sex toy demos to help you get a better picture. You can also get your photo taken on the 'Walk of Fame' outside which showcases brass plaques honoring stars of the porn movie industry.

Next, Sienna takes you on an hour naughty history tour of West Hollywood where you will discover the most famous and glamorous brothel located on Sunset at a famous restaurant. She makes various stops around West Hollywood where you will learn tons of naughty history that you never knew before. So if you're a history buff and have an interest in prostitution, brothels and all things naughty then this is the tour for you.

After the history tour, she takes you to a fully nude strip club. Step inside and enjoy the various girls dancing or get yourself a private lap dance or three in the VIP rooms.

Finally, Sienna will take you Hollywood's sexiest nightclub where you can dance the night away in your private VIP area with bottle service (all included with your ticket) and get to know your fellow guests a little better as you put your best flirting to good use.

The tour is limited to 30 people with a strict equal ratio between single men, single women and couples. This ensures that there's a good mix of people which encourages interaction and makes the tour even more fun. On board the bus are two stripper poles, so feel free to show off your moves to the music which will be rocking out between stops (there's a prize for the best performance, plus lots of other prizes to be won throughout the night!).

You can also BYOB on board the bus, and everyone will receive a naughty gift bag, plus an exclusive ROCK ON Hangover Shot to help with your next day's recovery.

Naughty Hollywood Bus Tour in Los Angeles | Naughty Guide
Naughty Hollywood Bus Tour in Los Angeles | Naughty Guide Naughty Hollywood Bus Tour in Los Angeles | Naughty Guide Naughty Hollywood Bus Tour in Los Angeles | Naughty Guide Naughty Hollywood Bus Tour in Los Angeles | Naughty Guide

Sporting Guide Los Angeles Book Reading
News Date: 17-Feb-2016
Sporting Guide Los Angeles 1897 | History Brothels & Sex | Naughty Guide
Naughty Book Reading | Naughty Guide

Sporting Guide Los Angeles Book Reading

I've always been fascinated by the naughty side of Los Angeles and the things that go on here, which is why I was inspired to write my book "Naughty Girl's Guide to Los Angeles." which explores LA's sex history over the last century and also acts as a guide to the modern Naughty Girl who wants to explore today's sexy bars, club, strip clubs and sex parties.

I'm also thirsty to keep adding to my own knowledge and to learn new things, so when I heard there was a new book out all about the brothels of Los Angeles in 1897, I was beyond excited! It's called Sporting Guide - Los Angeles 1897 and is written by Liz Goldwyn, an artist, filmmaker and author who also wrote Pretty Things about the history of burlesque and striptease. Goldwyn is also from LA, so I knew this book would be authentic and meticulously researched and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

I then found out that Goldwyn was holding a book reading for "Sporting Guide" at UCLA Library, so I decided to create one of my Meetup groups and get a few of us together so we could all hear her talk about her book. With free wine and appetizers, it didn't take long to get into a sexy mood and you could feel the electricity in the air as the reading got started and Goldwyn took us through the reasons she wrote the book and what she hoped to achieve with it. 'Sporting Guide' was a term used by gentlemen of the day to share with one another their recommended bars, clubs and, yes, brothels - hence the title of the book.

Naughty Book Reading | Naughty Guide

To summarize, it's a collection of stories set in and around the brothels of 1897 Los Angeles, like giving us a tour of the city's bordellos. This is pre-Hollywood, remember, so there was no movie industry, no celebrity, just real people trying to make their way in the world - people such as famous madam Pearl Morton and prostitute Cora Phillips, who appear alongside various politicians and other dignitaries as Goldwyn takes us on a journey into naughty LA's hustler underbelly.

There are some great illustrations - photographs of the brothels and people, plus city maps and other archived photographs which really bring the stories and old city alive. What I loved was that I knew some of the stories and characters were fact-based, while others were pure fiction, but it didn't matter where the line was as the writing is so vivid, it really brought the era to life. There are even little sections on the cosmetics, fashions and beauty routines of the prostitutes of the day, which made them feel even more real - it's like you can see, hear and smell them as they go about their business.

I have to mention the actual book itself, too, which is just gorgeous. It comes in a presentation box and has a red padded cover with gold gilt writing, which is so sexy. The title, too, is so ambiguous, which is deliberately reminiscent of how 'underground' the sex industry was in the late 19th century. It's a beautiful book to look at and touch and it's only when you open the cover and delve inside that you actually know what it was about. It's been called "a pocket guide" to the brothels of 1890s LA, which is a great description, but it's so much more than a book - it's a tour of how naughty LA came about and how this sex history was the basis for what Los Angeles was to become.

Liz is part of the famous Goldwyn movie dynasty - her grandfather was movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn, her father Samuel Jr. was also a movie producer, and her brother is the actor Tony Goldwyn, so it's kind of ironic that she's written a book about an LA that predates the movie industry, but that just makes it all the more fascinating. "Sporting Guide" is a brilliant insight into the women of the day, women who had few choices about what to do in life - they were either dutiful wives who were taught not to enjoy sex, or they were prostitutes who were used for sex.

It was so interesting to listen to Goldwyn talk about her book and the heaps of research she did into the sex industry of 19th century LA, and I definitely came away feeling I'd learned tons more than I knew before. I also now have a beautiful book sitting on my nightstand!

If you'd like to join Sienna Sinclaire's Naughty LA Meetup Group then visit here to become a member and discover naughty events in LA.

Valentine's Day Contest - Burlesque Brunch
News Date: 14-Feb-2016
Valentine's Day Contest | Naughty Guide

Valentine's Day Contest
Burlesque Brunch

Congrats to the winner of the Valentine's Day Contest! They won 2 tickets to Burlesque Brunch where they had brunch while enjoying a burlesque show. The winner even received a gift bag full of naughty items from Naughty LA and Rock On.

I'm constantly hosting contests every month, so if you'd like to learn more then follow me on my Facebook or sign-up for my newsletter.

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