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San Diego: Naughty Tour

Naughty Travel Guide to San Diego

San Diego is a great, naughty destination especially for those who live in Southern California, as you can easily take the train for a weekend getaway. The train is super easy, as it lets you off right in the middle of downtown San Diego where you can walk or take a taxi to your hotel. Or you can come up just for the day and take the late train back home.

Below are some suggestions so that you can make your next trip to San Diego a naughty one, whether for Valentine's Day, birthday getaway, bachelorette/bachelor party, or just because you feel like being naughty. Do you really need an excuse for being naughty?

Sexy Hotel



Check into the Andaz hotel during your stay in San Diego. They offer very sexy and naughty rooms! Looking for a suite with a stripper pole and mirrored ceilings? Andaz has the perfect suite for you and your lover, below, where you can host your own naughty party for two or more.

Sex Store


There's only one sex toy store in downtown, Hustler. And they fought hard to make sure that San Diego had one for all you naughty tourists and locals. It's located in the Gaslamp district so very easy to walk from your hotel and pick up some sex toys or lingerie.

Sexy Lunch

Cafe Chloe


"This is San Diego's first European cafe, where you can enjoy a little Parisienne breeze in the heart of San Diego's East Village! You can choose from selected domestic and international wines, champagnes and beers while you relax in a chic-elegant yet informal atmosphere."

You can come for lunch, brunch, dinner or just drinks. Catching a theater show nearby? They even offer a three course prix fixe dinner before the show.

Naughty Tour of San Diego

Borthels, Bites, and Booze


San Diego has lots of naughty history which you'll learn about on this cheeky tour. Plus you'll meet new people along with trying out different restaurants throughout the tour. Tour starts at the entrance to the Gaslamp district and is 2.5 hours. At first that seemed like a long time but it actually goes by really fast with all the walking and visiting different restaurants. Also, they say sample size drinks and food on the tour but they are actually normal size. So if you have dinner reservations afterwards, eat and drink light as you can get full on this tour.

Sexy Dinner

Gaslamp Strip Club


After the tour, which ends around 8pm, you can head right over to the Gaslamp Strip Club. At first, I thought it was a strip club too but downtown San Diego doesn't have any within the city limits...only outside of downtown. However, it's still a fun place to have dinner. They don't take reservations for two, only groups of four or more. So you have to show up, put your name on the list and wait. This place gets really busy but is worth the wait. The theme of the restaurant is like a strip club inside with the "Champagne Room" in the back. And they have sexy, naked pinup girls hanging on the walls. The prices are great but the catch is that you have to cook your own food. Not your appetizers or sides just your meats, fish and bread. But it's a great date place or to go with friends.

Naughty Night Out



If you're looking for somewhere to get naughty in San Diego then look no further than Crave. They are a swingers club, located 20 minutes outside of downtown San Diego. Their club space is amazing! They have a dance club area with bar (BYOB), DJ, stripper pole, seating and dance floor. Off of their dance floor they have a fetish room and a pool table in front room. On the first floor they have porn playing throughout on TV screens. Upstairs is where all the magic happens! If you're a bit shy or don't want people to watch, they offer a private room you can rent out and stay the night in. They even have lockers upstairs to put your belongings away for when you're getting busy. But to get in, you have to visit their website and fill out their application. After you're approved you will start receiving emails for parties such as "Orgy Gangbang" and "Ride'em Cow Girl." They are only opened on Saturdays but offer "private" parties on some Fridays.
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